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Why do I need a business permit

Why do I need a business permit

Why do I need a business permit

Why do I need a business permit?

You need permits and tax registrations because the government requires them before you start a business so you can pay the corresponding business taxes such as income, sales and employment taxes. 

 In addition, different types of business entities are taxed differently. For example, a sole proprietor is taxed different from an LLC. 

Note that you will need to select LLC and purchase an LLC filing to be considered an LLC. 

You can also file a DBA and form an LLC on this site.

There are 4 Tax IDs: 

  1. A federal tax id,  Federal EIN

  2. A state ID employer EIN,

  3. A state ID Sales Tax ID, and 

  4. A business tax registration Business Tax ID.
There are 4 Business Structures

  1. Sole Proprietor

  2. Partneship ( general or limited )

  3. Limited Liability Company

  4. Corporation ( C,S,or non profit).

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