Steps To Register Your Business

Select Entity

LLC (Limited Liability Co.
Sole Proprietor (DBA)
Partnership, or
Incorporation as
S Corporation
C Corporation, or
Nonprofit Corp.

Get Licensing
You Need:

A Business License, and/or
Home Occupation Permit, or
Vendor's License, or
Peddler's License, or
Tobacco License etc.

Register for
Tax. You May Need:

All businesses need an EIN. If you sell tangible (touchable) products, you will need a sales tax ID. If you will hire, you will need a State Employer Tax ID. A business license is a type of general business tax registration and it is required by all businesses.

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Business Tax ID License

Basic Business License.

Seller's Sales Tax License

Seller's License.

Wholesale Tax ID

Wholesale License.

Entity Formation License

DBA, LLC, Corporation

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